Noa Helinger


August 24th, 2014


noa helingerNoa Helinger is the lead singer and vocalist for Electric Blue.
Noa’s musical influences come from the greatest blues vocalists of all times such as Etta James, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and many others…..

Noa connected fast natural and easily to blues music because it is music that passes through
all of her emotions and takes her every time on a new emotional journey.
Noa believes that even though many blues songs sound familiar, every blues song has it’s own unique monologue.

Noa studied at Beit-Zvi where she appeared in musicals and learned voice development and singing.

Nowadays, Noa is also aapart of the “Claptones” an Eric Clapton tribute band.
In the past, Noa has also performed with the “Refaelo Band” – a Pink Floyd tribute band and also as backing singer in
a reggae band.
Noa has and still appears in such venues such as “Shablul”, “Mikes Place”, “The Yellow Submarine”, “Bar Giyora” and more…