Itai Rosenzweig


August 24th, 2014


itai rosenzweigItai Rosenzweig is the bass player for Electric Blue and has a rich musical background.

Itai has been playing bass for 20 years with a background in classical music, Jazz, Fusion, Rock and many other musical genres.

Itai has spent years learning music theory, arrangements and music composition.
Itai has also written most of the lyrics of Electric Blue’s songs and takes an active part in writing the music.

Over the years, Itai has workd with various music bands that include the Peter Thompson Jazz band, Being a member of “Dugag” for several years and recording 2 albums with them.

Itai’s latest project is Electric Blue whom Itai joined as a part of Mor Benda’s dream of having a blues band.

Itai has been influenced for different bass players such as Jack Bruce, Chris Squire, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones and many others.